Friday, August 20, 2010

Desperate Bollywood Babes

Ready To Do Anything!

There's a breed of actresses who will do anything to stay in the news. If not for good reason, for all the wrong reasons The more notoriety they get, the better pleased they are.

Just as long as they get talked about. Lets have a look at the top desperate babes of Bollywood!

Sherlyn Chopra caught in Men's Loo

Be it the sexy dance on the Big Boss show or posting her nude pics on social networking site Twitter, Sherlyn Chopra has always loved courting controversy.

The wannabe actress created a stir by storming into the men's room even though the ladies one was not occupied. Instead of going into the ladies room, she chose the men's one and smoked a cigarette their.

After spending a good 20 minutes there, she came out and told the organisers that she cannot attend to the mediapersons as she was not well.

When an organiser insisted, she remarked: 'I can't stay. I have some problem. It's a girls' problem.'

Aruna Shields goes Nude

60 girls refused the role of Mrs Mehta in Mr Singh and Mrs Mehta, but Aruna accepted!

The film may have bombed, but Aruna sure got the views. And that's what matters, right Aruna?

Kashmera Bitches!

She's the reality TV's delight because she's just so darn bitchy!

The Bigg Boss people would keep bringing her back, even when the residents kept eliminating her because the bitchiness added to the TRPs of the show.

Kashmera sure hasn't improved since then- check the recent episodes of Desi Girl!

Malika Sherawat, the Sexy Snake

Weather its by wearing the most inappropriate dresses on the green carpet, or posing as a pregnant snake, making titillating statements, Mallika will do anything to create a buzz!

Its been a while since she did something exciting, though. We're waiting for what's coming out of her stable next!

Neetu Chandra does a Lesbian Act

Bold actress Neetu Chandra shot a sizzling photo shoot with model Krishikha Gupta for the magazine The Man outside a three-star hotel.

That's fine, you would say, except that the two did an intimate girl on girl act, clad in scanty bikinies, rolling in the sand.

The hotel residents objected, but Neetu got the eyeballs!

Rakhi admits to being Bisexual

Rakhi Sawant, the drama queen, is usually in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Her latest is her admission that she loves women's bodies. We would find this incredibly shocking had we not known Rakhi's history of Publicity stunts.

She confessed to finding a woman's body sensuous and exciting. Is that the reason that Rakhee got rid of her silicon implants? Because she loves the natural women's bodies.

Her shocking statement has set many tongues wagging in the film industry.

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